Cowboy Boots: 5 Reasons to Buy Vintage

Over the 8.5 years that Goodbuy Girls has been in business, we have received ongoing US + International recognition/press for our selection of Vintage Cowboy Boots.


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You could say we have a real passion for them :)

Here are 5 reasons we recommend buying Vintage Cowboy Boots:

1. Most vintage boots were made in the USA which means that the quality is going to be better than new boots made in China

2. A lot of vintage boots were even handcrafted by artisans (the highest of quality)

3. They are already broken in. Brand new boots can be painful to break in.

4. Unique + Rare, Sometimes Even One-of-a-Kind Styles

5. Reuse + Recycling of leather goods is kinder on our planet and our animals <3


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