Goodbuy Girls in Condé Nast Traveler

“The Essential Things to Know Before You Visit Nashville”

“Nashville is nicknamed “Music City” for a reason, but it’s the food, shopping, and Southern charm that keeps us coming back. If you can sidestep the bachelorette parties on Broadway and contain yourself when Taylor Swift walks by, you’ll be blending in—and feeling so, so full of hot chicken, meat and threes, and biscuits—in no time.”

“What to Wear”

“Nashville gets pretty hot (90 degrees is normal for August) and pretty cold (temps can drop below 30 in January), so check the weather to dress accordingly. But anything goes in Nashville, which has a relaxed atmosphere citywide. The weather is the biggest factor in your packing decisions, as you can get into most restaurants wearing shorts, jeans, dress pants, skirts, or whatever you’ve got hanging in your closet.

If you want to wear cowboy boots, go for it. You can even pick some up in town (go to the Lucchese outpost in the Gulch neighborhood for hand-stitched, high quality boots or to Goodbuy Girls in East Nashville for refurbished vintage options) before heading home. But—these things always come with “but”—treat them with respect. Don’t walk your new $400 leather boots into a Broadway honky tonk.”

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