Happy Holidays From The GGs

We mean why not, right? Happy Holidays!

Dear GGs, friends and family,

It has been almost exactly a year since we began paying rent on the 307 N. 16th Goodbuy Girls location. We have gone through much sage, laughter and good buys at our 200 square foot space over these last 12 months and never have we been so grateful. We opened GG’s with the mission of becoming independent and helping fellow GG’s in our community become empowered through fabulous vintage boots, contemporary clothing and accessories. So basically, the store is just a front for our dreams and we couldn’t have done it this last year without you. Looking back the store was also a great excuse for us to get to meet amazing women (some GB’s too ;) ) and make great friends in the Nashville community.

Because of  your support of Goodbuy Girls, Tanya Montana has been able to take more time to learn how to play the guitar and write tons of music –  thanks to all of you who have come out to any of our GG concerts and trunk shows. Kim has been able to work on independent projects that inspire others to become in control of their brand and image through her new company KFDConsulting and Bri has been able to feel like she belongs here after leaving her corporate job a year ago and moving a 1000 miles to Nashville to pursue her dream of playing music.

We hope you have a great and safe holiday season and y’all know if you need anything the GG’s got your back (or at least your boots)!

Look forward to growing and expanding in 2011 and we are currently planning on hitting the road in the Spring to spread the GG word!

Thank you so much and much love,

The Goodbuy Girls

Bri, Kim & Tanya

As a Thank You please present this coupon at GGs or contact us via email if you need to order online (goodbuygirls@gmail.com) . Please check our holiday hours to make sure we are open when you come by! xo

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